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The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is most every now and again utilized by organizations and schools trying to judge the relative knowledge of candidates. The test incorporates 20 inquiries to be replied at 12 minutes.

Truly the assessment has been quite recently open printing structure however is presently accessible on the web. This site alongside the example assessment on this specific page was made to emulate the sorts of inquiries acquainted on the bona fide Wonderlic Test with help candidates practice for taking the exam.


Outside of being used at colleges and from numerous organizations, the assessment is likewise really popular due to its use by the National Football League as a bit of its member assessment strategy in the NFL consolidate.

Despite the fact that it's only one of a few sorts of testing, each year a few scores end up being spilled into the media and for the most part create a great deal of press in the game media.


The Wonderlic test rating is figured effortlessly. Subsequently, when 26 questions have been addressed legitimately, the test taker could get a score of 26 out of 50.


What's the Average Wonderlic Score?

20 remedy answers from 50 at the stipulated time of 12 minutes would be the normal score to your Wonerlic test. Indeed, even though"good" is a subjective word, to be over normal one may need to assess a 21 or higher on the exam.

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In spite of the fact that the Wonderlic test isn't an IQ test, its outcomes could be graphed moreover to conventional IQ tests, for example, the Stanford-Binet or considerably Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. Wonderlic results could be performed in a ringer bend, with all the most reduced and most elevated scores speaking to the least and most elevated percentiles, together utilizing the inside speaking to by far most of scores.

A rating of 16 or under speaks to about the most reduced 25th percentile, a rating in the vicinity of 17 and 26 implies about the inside 50th percentile alongside a score of 27 or more prominent means the upper 25th percentile, utilizing a score of 40 or more noteworthy speaking to the best 1 percent.



This site isn't associated in any way with Wonderlic, Inc. the official provider of the Wonderlic test. Our example tests are just intended to supply a comparable ability and assessment circumstance.

The scores you get on our center tests may not effectively mirror the rating you will get on the real test. All things considered, we do trust this is extremely amazing activity for your Wonderlic test on the off chance that you are taking it for assignment prep, school, or essentially to assess your Wonderlic score to famous competitors.